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Related article: Date: Sun, 18 May 14, 2003 01. 00 1000 From: The Boy Boogie Woogie Bugle u003cthe_electrifying_violin_player hotmail. com u003e Subject: Bring It On! Part 2 Bring It On 2. ' I dream' Bring It On is owned by Universal Studios Les is the only character the film, who is gay, but the actor who plays him is not to play. The actors played the other characters are not gay. This story is completely made with the early hours of the morning, and slept with most of them wonderful dream. the children had their own team cheerleaders and formed in the national competition. in the yard there were five pairs of children, with even Tim and Les Center. it took Tim by the balls and lifted him in the air. This was a trick by the team that invented well done is known. I put Tim back on the pitch and the other guys do the same trick. the outer pair had a guy standing behind the other. the guys then is the leader ripped shorts, tight red lycra was their uniform, and began to shake the tail to the rhythm of music. while this happened, I was like a stick, while Tim rubbed his cock and ass by Les and Jan ( who usually straight man ) rubs his penis against I is. When the clock changed the music, I began to suck Tim Hahn, , while Tim was being fucked by January The other guys in a Preteen Model circle around the center of the action jacked their cocks until they all broke at same time , creating a source of semen that was another of the teams visually impressive moves. When I continued to dream and opened his door and a man entered The man approached the bed and slid between the sheets. Once faces of the big cock I began to suck. But I was in your dream s that does not respond. He sucks his cock I was amazing, but it was the event I decided to roll a heavy load. In the same time, Tim moved to the light and entered the room flabbergasted to see is aORT type queue sucks his friend. "What is happening here? " He asked. " Ummmm... I've been sleepwalking again. I'm sorry. " Said the man, who Torrance actually the younger brother Justin. " Yes, let's see how you like your dick sucked without the consent" Justin Tim pushed on the bed next to them, drew his boxer and took his cock in her mouth. " Hey, stop sucking my dick you fag. " " Are you calling me a fag ? You were the key to a suck. " "What is this? " He asked, now awake. "I found a neighbor trying to get some practice sucking cock free " "that sucks your dick?Good job," said I, suddenly realizing the No aspect of Tim 's face. " You'd better call to Torrance to take home. " "No. Please do not call, I prefer to call Cliff. He is with us in some way. " " Ok, then... " reached 5 minutes from the cliff. "Justin, I had no idea you were in this area. " Said Cliff. "It's great. Why not try? " I said. " I think I could. " Rose cliff on the bed and I was licking tail quickly, before suck. " Not bad for a heterosexual man. " I thought. Tim came and opened Cliff pants then masturbate his cock. Cliff was a guy who had no need to cum too much for him, it was not long before before Tim 's hand was soaked with cum oozing everywhere. Just the sight of the Preteen Model was enough for both Justin and I are running. " You can get your mouth on my cock now! " Justin Tim said as he rose n and pushed him aside. " This is one of the parties who have come here. " Jan said, entering the room. " Jan, did not expect to see you here. You know the real party is late. " I said. " Very funny. In fact, I came to present her. " "What? " N " This. " Said Jan, who revealed to his groin, his cock monster. " But Jan, you are. " " Yes, but I knew how much you love them. And I do not know what to buy to enjoy it. And I've seen you try to check lump in my training. " " thank you. " I went to the edge of the bed and took Jan 's cock in her mouth. Jan I grabbed her head and began to face fuck. " This is the only way most hunting it. I use my penis, while You have it. "Jan said. At the same time, Tim and Cliff were standing in the corner, ran his hands over the other in the ass while straw kisses little here and there. Justin stood up and drooling almost. he had secretly called for a time in January. while I sucked his cock s, Jan Courtney imagined fucking in the field after Training. However, his image soon with him on the bench , modified costumes, while all the men in the football team had an off sucking cock of his s. that made him one of the largest load of cum ever. Justin Jan was depicted as a man with a big penis, but I never thought I was large, as it was. And he was jealous that I was hoarding. " Hey Jan, I want to fuck with this thing? "He said. " Yeah man. " He denied Justin tthe wall, while Jan took his great power. Justin looked back and saw that Les is the only one getting any action was only in bed masturbating over his friend and his best friend, the friend s sense of each. Justin felt a little guilty myself, but Jan was there for them was taken. Then I saw the phone on the shelf. He quickly chose a number. " Aaron. If your cock wants action to come Les bedroom. " He hung up before I could ask Aaron who is calling. A about 15 minutes later, pointing to Aaron. " Hey, wassup ? Have you not seen again !" I said to him. " I came for some action. I 'm not, because Torrance said that Girl I'm a cheerleader, and now everyone thinks I'm a fag. " " Now you have all the reason. " Aaron moved quickly and lay on the bed key horse and kissed them at the same time. Training will now be even more interesting.
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